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Installing Ubuntu on an SCSI drive with an LSI Logic Host Adapter?

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Is it possible?

My host adapter:

LSI21320-R (info)

and hard drive:

Hitachi Ultrastar 15k300 (info)

Will Ubuntu automatically detect my hard drive? I can't find a driver for Ubuntu. The only drivers available on the LSI Logic website are for Suse and Redhat. Can someone redirect me to a Debian/Ubuntu Driver?

Oh and I intend to use the adapter in a 32-bit PCI slot

Thanks for the help!

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It should detect it just fine. LSI chipsets have had drivers in the linux kernel for years. That card uses the 53c1020 chipset, I believe. I used to run my linux systems with their older 53c1010 chipset (U160) and they ran fine.

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