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FS: 2x RAIDCORE 4852 SATA PCI-X 133mhz 8 Ports

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Hey guys, Im selling my two raidcore 4852 raid cards. Both are in working condition. If you need references please pm me, I am a powerseller on ebay with 100% feedback.

Review of Raidcore 4852

Specs: High performance at low prices--The fastest 64-bit, 133-MHz PCI-X x

· 450-MBps RAID0 reads and 340-MBps RAID5 writes

(8 channels).

· 917-MBps RAID0 reads and 404-MBps RAID5 writes

(16 channels).


Choice of four or eight Serial ATA channels--Expand

capacity up to 32 drives and support a wide range of array



2U, low-profile module--Maximize space utilization with

RAID-enabled, low-profile servers.


PCI-X--64 bits, 133 MHz, backward-compatible with prior

PCI versions.


Low power requirement--4W @ 3.3V

Online capacity expansion--Add/expand capacity without

interruption to I/O.


Online RAID-level migration--Change RAID levels without

interrupting user I/O.


Controller spanning--Up to four BC4000 cards per server

appear in the management GUI as a single 32-port drive

interface for large array support.


Mirror splitting--Split and hide array mirrors for enhanced

protection from viruses, user error, and disk failure.


Distributed sparing--Add reliability without sacrificing

economy or performance.


N-way mirroring (RAID 1n, 10n)--Enhance data integrity and

create secure backups by making additional RAID 1/10



Choice of two RAID feature sets:

· Basic RAID--RAID 0, 1, 10, JBOD (BC4410/BC4810).

· Advanced RAID--RAID 5, 50 (8 channels), 1N, 10N. Also,

controller spanning, online capacity expansion, online RAID

level migration, and distributed sparing (BC4452/BC4852).


Advanced RAID upgrade--Start with basic RAID and the

BC4410/4810, and "pay as you grow" by upgrading to the

BC4452/4852 advanced RAID with a simple license download.


Online array creation and deletion--Create or remove arrays

without interrupting user I/O.


Multiple array types per drive--Achieve maximum utilization

of mixed drive size arrays, and tailor array to workload, data

integrity, and high performance needs.


INT13 control--Turn off int13 BIOS loading for maximum



Hot swap and drive roaming support--Detection and support

for drive removal/insertion on running system; drives can be

moved between channels and cards.


64-bit I/O block number support--Create arrays larger than

2 terabytes.


Programmable staggered drive spin-up--Reduce initial power

demand by drives by adjusting the timing of drive spin-up.

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