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How to Format a drive to EXT, from Windows?

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Hello all.

You've in the past proven to be in possesion of "knowledge of everything". :blink:

There this question here:

How do I create and format a new drive, with an EXT2-partion, when I'm running my PC with Vista 64-bit Business edition? :o

Is it possible - via software - or is it a question of booting on a CD/Floppy and do it from there? The drive will be connection via SATA, and will, once formatted, be used in an external case, for backup, connected to my Router.

So You guys, any helpers? :D


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Hello DJ_Farid.

Thanx for the reply.

Your suggestion sounds like a good - and cheap ;) - idea.

Alternatively, I've found Partion Manager 8.5, from Paragon Software. which also seams to be able to do the trick. It is however more costly, as well as I'll need to install additional software.

Once again - thanks


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