Which Hdd? (For gaming)

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I am currently in the market for a whole new PC and therefore I need some storage. I have enjoyed reading your reviews of a lot of disks.

However I am bit in doubt what to get.

First of all, is there any difference between the 1k7000 1tb and 750gb performance wise, because if I buy its going to be the 750gb because its a lot cheaper.

And what in general would you suggest me getting

This is what I could find being nice in the 500-750gb market with a reasonable price.

Samsung spinpoint t166 x 2 in raid0 (Is raid0 worth it for gaming? Would be nice to such tests on this site.)

Wait for the Samsung spinpoint F1 ?

Hitachi 7k1000 750gb

Seagate's Barracuda ES.2 750gb (A bit more expensive and did not seem to do that well)

Any other drives that I should consider?

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The Raptors are getting more reasonable in price for a choice. My gaming rig had a Raptor 150 ADFD for about 2yrs until i switched to my SCSI setup you see as my sig below. Any Raptor or 15k SCSI drive will give you faster/shorter loading times. I hear that new 1TB drive performs in the same class now as the Raptor. That would give you the extra capacity if you wanted all your files on 1 drive. Me, for a gaming machine, I prefer to have the drive used only as a game drive, no other unnecessary file on it so capacity isn't all that important. only play a few games anyways. With all the MS updates etc. I think it took up about 14-15GB of space.

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