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Quick background: I have 3 Cheetah Ultra320 drives connected to an lsi 53c1010 adaptor. I recently purchased and tried to install a 4th Cheetah U320 drive to the remaining free 68 pin connector on my U320 capable SCSI cable.

When I add the 4th drive, the LSI config utility does not find the drive, or list it in any case. If I disconnect the other 3 drives and just connect the new 4th drive, the controller picks it up. It seems to have something to do with parity checking as when I change the default parity checking from YES to NO in the LSI driver it picks up the new drive. I have not had to do anything with this switch with any of my other 3 Seagate Cheetah drives.

Any ideas where to look? Do I have a defective drive? The cable has a terminator. Help!

Noel :o

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Ensure that the SCSI ID of the fourth drive does not equal the SCSI ID of any of the other drives, and ensure it does not equal 7, which is what the SCSI controller/HBA is usually set to. Refer to the drives manual, as there should be a set of jumpers on the drive to allow its ID to be changed.

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