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Weird Monitor problem

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I have this weird monitor problem happening after I installed my new system, but it also happened when I connected it to my old pc.

When I boot up, the computer boots just normally, but the monitor doesn't show anything on it, although it turns on. I mean it DOES go from orange to green light, but nothing shows up............weird?

I can tell the boot is successfull when I hear windows welcome sound! I suspected something wrong with my new setup, but I was puzzled when it also happened with my older system!! Although it never happened before................Maybe my new 8800 GTS did something wrong to my monitor :blink:

What I need to do to make it work is to turn off the pc for some time and then it will work just fine.



GA P35-DQ6

4GB PC6400 patriot RAM

Hitachi 7k1000 drive

EVGA 8800 GTS 320 MB

Silverstone 650 W power supply

3D aurora Case

My 8800 GTS is factory overclocked, wonder if this is related!? Montor is Dell 2005 FPW and i'm using the DVI cable.

I have never seeeeeeeeeeeen this before! Any help is appreciated.


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I had something similar with my older ATI 9250 with VGA and DVI outputs. Sometimes the monitor connected to the DVI wouldn't get a display in the same way you are describing. After fighting with it for a bit I just put a DVI to VGA adapter on the DVI port and ran both monitors on VGA. Not the ideal solution, but it worked. I tried all sorts of things to make it work on the DVI but for some reason it just didn't like it.

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