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FS: LSI U160 2 channel HBA 64bit PCI

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I have a U160 LSI Controller, 53C1010 chip, 64bit PCI Host Bus Adapter I am no longer using, makes a nice cheap SCSI controller. I didn't see the need for a U320 controller when the PCI bus is already limited, I had STR of 80MB/s with my 15k Fujitsu MAS drive, very zippy. Consolidated, and now have an extra HBA. Make me an offer, was thinking around 50$? I think I paid around 120$, It is a HP branded model (not that it matters). I could never get the LED function to work on this card for the external LED blinkers, the onboard and back blinkers do work fine, just the jumper pins I couldn't figure out how to pin them out. Card was in machine until last week. Paypal accepted. Thanks, Bill

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