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USB Stick - Drive Letter Not Showing up in 'My Computer'

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So, I'm having a very strange problem with my PQI 1GB USB memory stick on only one of my computers (XP-SP2). (in fact, this occurs with ANY USB drive I attach to this computer)

When I plug it in to a USB port, I hear the familar "do-DO" sound.

The way I usually access my drive letters is by clicking the 'My Computer' icon on the desktop...however, The drive letter for the USB stick is not there!

Here's the weird part...

If I go to a dos window, I can access my USB stick (Drive F)

If I go to the Disk Managment console, I see my USB stick (Drive F)

If I start windows explorer, I can see my USB stick (My Computer > Drive F)

But, not when I open the my computer icon on my desktop! :blink:

Any ideas?


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