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Is a Partition a Physically Contiguous Space?

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Seems to me that only someone with special equipment at a data recovery company could know where things are stored physically so I'm unsure how you two have "seen" partitions are physically contiguous at all...

Well, anyone who was around before LBA has seen representations of it by looking at a disk editor. Post LBA, you need to consider how physical sectors have been historically mapped to LBA. You can see representations of it by looking at pages 48 and 49 of this presentation:

"In essence, LBA is a means by which a drive is accessed by linearly addressing sector addresses, beginning at sector 1 of head 0, cylinder 0 as LBA 0, and proceeding on in sequence to the last physical sector on the drive, which, for instance, on a standard 540 Meg drive would be LBA 1,065,456."


I'm not disagreeing with you on what may be possible (I can't say with any certainty whether it is or isn't since I don't know enough about the "big picture" and the details of the technology involved). I do disagree with your "recommendation not to resize or tamper with partitions that contain data" since I have done it many times with PM and never have never been unsuccessful in doing it, and there are some circumstances when it sometimes becomes reasonably necessary (e.g. for me, upgrading a four primary partition drive to a larger drive).

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The burden of proof is not on me for just pointing out that a partition may be moved logically but not physically (only remapped on the fly-a "logical" explanation), but on Olaf for declaring partitions must always be physically contiguous as a matter of faith

There are two independent issues in this topic: logical to physical mapping for blocks and whether partitions can consist of multiple non-continuous spans of logical blocks.

As far as I know, partitions always consist of a single continuous sequence of logical blocks and I think this is what the topic starter wanted to know.

How the logical to physical mapping is done, is a very different question.

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