BIOS incorrectly recognizing Hitachi as @DS722525VDAT80

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All of the sudden, Windows XP won't boot on one of my computers that has a 200GB Hitachi HDS722525VDAT80 IDE drive. The system has been running flawlessly for around 2 years.

When I went to BIOS to check things out, I learned that the Hitachi is recognized by BIOS as @DS722525VDAT80 rather than HDS722525VDAT80 as it should (and always has).

How did this "@" sign replace the "H"? What has happened and how do I fix this?

This is the only hard drive on the computer.

MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum (nForce3 socket 939)

AMD A64 3200+

Crucial Ballistix PC3200

Seasonic 500 watt power supply

Hitachi HDS722525VDAT80 IDE drive

Sony 8x DVD

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I first saw this 17 years ago too.

Changed IDE cable did the fix, myself. That was before the forum was around and the nearest thing

was BBS & 2400 baud modem. :lol:

Cheers, Wizard

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