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I have a Samsung CLP-510N. About the worst printer I've ever had. (it's incapable of printing scanned images without that you can see the dots).

I'm thinking about changing to:

HP Business Inkjet 1000

HP OfficeJet Pro K550

HP PhotoSmart 8250

I used to have a Canon i850. But I think that print quality is good enough fo my use of any modern printer.

Most important is cost per page in color. (I print photos at 80-90gr normal paper)

I've had before HP and Epson. Being Epson the worst (so bad I wouldn't even take any for free), HP the best (quality), and Canon best (cost, speed).

I'm thinking about HP because cost per page is a lot lower than it used to be. Though I'm not sure if it's lower than Canon.

I'm in for any other suggestion as well.

Thanks for any help.

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Impossible to help you since we have no clue what your new printer's main tasks will be. To further complicate things, you're currently using a colour laser, yet your old unit was a mid-range photo printer (the i850), & now you're looking at 3 new units (1000, K550, 8250) that barely share any similarities.

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Thanks for responding.

As I said, I only care about cost per page in color. I will only print photos on normal paper.

The three printers I mentioned, have the same price, the same resolution. The photosmart is the onyl different one to me (more colors and can read memory cards - something I won't use but there's nothing wrong with having to many features).

HP anounces that the OfficeJet Pro is the cheapest printer pringing color. Buy if I looked well, the cartridges are smaller than the ones of the Business Inkjet and cost the same (so the BI prints cheaper).

To me the 1000 and K550 are identically, except fro speed and the inkt they use. Maybe I overlooked something if so please let me know.

Thanks in advance

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Yeah, all manufacturer announcements of print cost are based on using their ink and paper, and printing in draft mode.

If you print in 'reasonable quality' normal mode, and use third-party (i.e. really cheap,) ink, it will still cost less than the manufacturer's quoted price.

I've been happy with my HP OfficeJet 7310, good quality, even on 'Fast Normal' setting, and cheap enough with third party inks. The new OfficeJets with individual ink tanks should be an even better value. If I want high-quality photo prints, though, it gets expensive fast, since for that, I use HP's special 'photo' ink cartridges.

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