RAID Matrix wich HD to get for Gameing and load times

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Hello all i am going to set up a RAID Matrix on my computer and I was wondering wich 2 HD to get. I am going to be using them for Boot time and Gaming. ANd fast everyday use. Do some downloading, but mostly gaming and everyday use. With that in mind i was looking at these 2. And yes i am on a budget, so the 10k Raptors are not what i want. I was looking at around 160GB each should be plenty for the matrx. Thanks!!

160GB 8MB Cache HITACHI Deskstar T7K250


160GB 16MB Cashe Western Digital Caviar RE


This is for a RAID 0 or mostlikely a RAID Matrix set up. 2x of each, and my MoBo does support Matrix. Thanks!!!

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Matrix RAID will also slow things down considerably if both "RAID"'s are accessed concurrently.

That, and there's an extra CPU utilization overhead with matrix RAID too.


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Well thanks for all the awnsers, i may or may not do raid, and honestly if it is slow ill turn the option off. Im learning about Raid, and i want to use it on my Home computer for gaming and see how it works. Im a student and im acctually majoring in this type of thing. So even if it messes up the computer im building, i would like to exparement with it to learn the most from it.

Now back to the OP. Wich of these 2 would work best? Or should i look into a are seagate perpendicular drive?

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