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I originally posted about this on's forums because I wanted advice on the acoustical side of things, but since I have not gotten any replies, I figure I better ask here, as the acoustical side of things will be unimportant if this does not work functionally as well; to avoid retyping everything, here is a blatant copy and paste of my original post:

I have been thinking of getting Network Attached Storage to expand my Media Center Edition PC's storage capacity without increasing its noise level for quite some time. The biggest problem with NAS is that I am a student, and NAS is expensive. Recently, I had the of using hard drives that I do not use anymore in external enclosures attached to a Linksys NSLU2 to overcome this. Doing this should allow me to use a smaller hard drive in my desktop, which would generate less noise.

I have an old RG-59 cable that runs to the basement that I do not use anymore. In theory, I could remove it, run an ethernet cable through the hole that it currently occupies, and then setup my NAS in another room, (preferably in the room below the one across from mine, which should be possible).

A concern of mine, is the possibility of a power outage. Currently, my PC could be recording a program, the power will fail, and it will keep recording it for five minutes before it shuts down thanks to APC PowerChute. If I setup NAS to store my recordings and the NAS goes offline during a power outage, my Media Center PC will have a problem. There is a UPS in the room that I would be storing my NAS, but it is attached to the power supply for Verizon Fios' ONT, and attaching additional devices to it would cut the amount of available power for Verizon Fios' ONT during a power outage, which would be a bad thing, especially since there will be no way to do a managed shut down of my NAS when APC PowerChute does one of my PC. Given that my Verizon Fios ONT is currently attached to an APC Back-UPS ES 350, which will not power it for very long, I figure that I could replace it with a APC Back-UPS ES 750 and use the APC Back-UPS ES 350 to power my NAS:;total_watts=50

Looking through Newegg's external hard drive enclosure selection, the most popular enclosure that meets my non-acoustical criteria (i.e. USB 2.0, IDE hard drives, etcetera) is the Vantec Nexstar:

Since it is aluminum, resonance should generate a significant amount of noise, even with my old WD3200JB FDB hard disk. I am concerned that I might hear the resonance from my room at night. I would imagine that resonance on the scale of a tiny enclosure would be low when compared to a huge computer case, but I have never used an external hard drive enclosure so I am not sure. I have, however, used an external IDE to USB 2.0 adapter before for data recovery purposes, so I do know tha tmy WD3200JB vibrates fairly significantly, which is why I am so concerned about resonance.

Would anyone with experience with external hard drive enclosures please tell me whether or not resonance from an external aluminum enclosure would be significant? Also, are there any problems that anyone can see with my plan?

I can get the NSLU2 from for $68.40 thanks to the $20 off a purchase of $50 or more when you use Google Checkout as a payment processor special that they are currently running and I can get the BE750BB for $63.74 also from thanks to the same special that they are running. I can buy the Vantec enclosure for $39.98 after shipping and handling from, so without considering the cost of Cat5 cable and plugs (the crimper I should be able to borrow from someone), this will all cost me about $172.12, which is pretty cheap, so I would like to decide on whether or not I am going to do this quickly, as I know that will not be running that $20 off a purchase of $50 or more special a week from now.

That leads me to my question. Are there any problems that anyone can see with my plan?

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