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I'm new to the forum so, please, don't flame me big time ;)

I tried the search here and all over the Internet but I wasn't able to find IOMeter test patterns for download.

I'm looking for some kind of database (Oracle and Firebird) patterns to compare the new server we bought at work with the old one.

I'll also appreciate if you point me to some download links to a fileserver and sort of application server which has a heavy load on the IO because of storing and decompressing .zip archives in it's work.

I've read that IOMeter is not a good test for the workstation performance but nevertheless I'd like to have a test pattern for this too

so in general - where does one find IOMeter patterns?

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I have another question ... may be not related to IOMeter ... but I don't know

Is it possible and how to record the real workload of our current server for lets say 24 hours and then simulate the absolutely the same workload on another machine?

I've read that many HDD benchmarks use reallife workload records to test but is this achievable by the single user?

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do a search with IPEAK, IIRC it has a function to record the disk access paterns you assign it to.

For IOmeter, go to, they use it regularly, but iti is in dutch methinks. You can do a search on theuir site or contact the editors of the site.

I downloaded from them all of their test patterns for IPEAK/IOmeter. But I have deleted all of that stuff a while ago ;-(

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after I posted here I found the IPEAK installation and I have a few questions before I start using it

1. Will it be possible to do a record of a whole day work and then run it quickly? The are free minutes very often on our server so will it be possible to skip them? Am I right in thinking that WinTrace32 will record only the real load and skip all the idle time?

2. Is it true that I have to reinstall (restore from image) the Windows installation if I want to change the RAID configuration and run the same trace?

3. Is there a linux version of IPEAK SPT?

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