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I have a ST336754SS original from Seagate ( sas 36GB) and other two disks but OEM from HP.

I have also 3 ST3146854SS ( sas 146 GB) OEM from HP too.

With SEATOOLS ENTERPRISE i can select all DISKS ( I buy only one seagate original only to update firmware on the OEM HP ) but i can't save-extract-back-up the firmware from Original Seagate to a file....

so then i can update the other OEM DISKS. There are some way to perform this task.

I try to contact HP SUPPORT, i tell that i have problem with the adaptec controller and i needed the last

firmware......but unfortunately firmware ST336754SS_0003.sea is the last i need to extract

firmware from disk

If someone have already this firmware......please send an email with this

thank you in advance

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