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FS: AIC 3U 12-bay SATA hotswap w/650W Zippy

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AIC RSC-3K-2 (Old Model#: RMC3K2-XP) 3U SATA hotswap chassis w/Zippy/Emacs 2+1 650W redundant hotswap PSU.

It's got the standard discrete SATA backplanes instead of the multilane.

Chassis was used for one system build for approximately one day, then the next day the system was removed and xfer'ed to a larger chassis.

I was planning to use it myself along with one of bombcar's 3ware 8506-12ports, but sanity got ahold of me, plus I decided I'd rather go on vacation once or twice rather than spending money on a multi-TB file server... :)

Asking $650 + shipping OBO.

Can negotiate possible local delivery within California (from Sacramento to San Diego) as I will be up north for Thanksgiving.

For reference:








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