FS/FT: Abit AN8-32x, Seagate 15k.3s (36GB), 10k.6 (146GB), and more.

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The following is for sale or for trade for 72GB or possibly 36GB WD Raptors:

Opteron 165 (S939) - $160 Shipped - pending sale

I can't tell you the exact stepping of this CPU as it's in my computer currently. However, I can tell you that it runs @ 2.4GHz @ stock voltage perfectly stable for me 24/7. You could probably get more out of it if you raised the voltage.

1 GB Patriot PDC1G3200+XBLK - Sold

This memory has the popular Samsung TCCD chips on it. I've had it running @ 250MHz perfectly stable in the past on different configurations.

Abit A8N 32X - $90 shipped

This board has the NF4 16x chipset on it. I've been really happy with it. It allows for tons of flexibility in memory configuration. Probably the only thing that tops it is DFI. It's the board I've been using the above components on and it has all been really stable for me.

EVGA 133-K8-NF41-AX - $60 Shipped

This is an NF4 SLI motherboard. It is actually produced by Jetway. If you look around, it got pretty good reviews all around when it came out. It has a lot of overclocking options, like the Jetway boards.

Asus PC-DL rev. 1.05 - $100 Shipped

Seagate Cheetah 15k.3 36GB 68-pin SCSI HDD (ST336753LW) - $60 Shipped

2x Seagate Cheetah 15k.3 36GB 80-pin SCSI HDD (ST336753LC) - $60 Shipped EACH

Seagate Cheetah 10k.6 146GB 68-pin SCSI HDD (ST336753LW) - $130 Shipped

SCSI hotswap enclosure (3 5 1/4 bays. Holds 5 80-pin drives) - $50 Shipped.

I also have a 5 position 68-pin cable and an unopened 2 position rounded 68-pin cable. I'll throw in one of the cables for free if you purchase one or more of the above drives.

Additionally I have a rather ancient adaptec U160 2-channel RAID card that I will throw in for free if you purchase 2 or more of the above drives and you want it.

Pics of the SCSI stuff will come soon.

All prices are shipped within the 48 states. I'll ship elsewhere for more money, and as long as you're not in Nigeria. I also greatly prefer Paypal.

Heatware: Big T

Ebay: tristan_fc

Please PM me or email me @ tbull // @ // if you're interested. Thanks for looking!

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