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FS: Serial Attached SCSI, Fans, Cables, and Other Stuff

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Serial Attached SCSI

Adaptec 48300 8-port Serial Attached SCSI host bus adapter

Manufacturer's page

Used, in perfect condition. Retail box, with all cables, 2+ years remaining on warranty.

Seagate ST336754SS 36.7GB Serial Attached SCSI 15000RPM Drives (2)

Manufacturer's page

Both drives are used and pass SeaTools tests with no errors. OEM.

Fujitsu MAV2073RC 73GB Serial Attached SCSI 10025RPM Drive

Manufacturer's page

Drive is used and passes Sdiag with no errors. OEM.

$250 for the Adaptec card

$180 each for the Seagate drives or

$380 for all three of the drives

$620 for all, shipped in the US


Silenx Ixtrema SX-08025-14 80mm Fan

Comes with antivibration mounts and attached finger guard. Three-pin connector.






Papst 8412NGL Quiet Case Fan

Gently used and in good condition. It's an extremely quiet case fan. Has four-pin molex y power connector.






Panaflo FBA09A12L1BX 92mm Fan

I used this fan briefly with my XP-90 heatsink before replacing it. The fan has a three-pin connector with RPM monitoring (tach).






Scythe AD1212DS-A73GL (6TCL3) 120MM Fan

I received this fan with my Scythe heatsink, but am running it passively. The fan has been tested and works perfectly. Three-pin connector.






Silenx SX-12025-14 120mm Fan

Comes with a chrome finger/hand guard, to keep your important parts out of the spinning bits. I've had this fan for over a year, but only used it for about a month. This fan is still $25 new. Three-pin connector.






Zalman FanMate2

One unused, sealed in package. The FanMate is an adjustable fan speed controller, allowing you to change the speed of a fan to create the optimal cooling environment.

Manufacturer's Page



Parallel Printer Cable - Centronics and 25-pin connectors. Used, in working condition.


5ft Ethernet Patch Cable - Cable is at least six feet and gray. There are no descriptive markings, but presumed to be Cat5e. Tested at 100base-T and works.


Molex to SATA (2) Power Adapter - One molex to SATA power. Open, but never used


Molex to Floppy Power Adapter - One molex to one molex and one floppy. Loose, never used


2.5" to 3.5" IDE Adapter - New, StarTech 2.5" to 3.5" adapter. Connects 44-pin laptop ATA drive to standard desktop 40-pin IDE data cable and four-pin molex power.


Other Stuff

CD-RW Media12x 650MB/74min - 5 Verbatim brand discs (never used), 5 Verbatim brand discs (lightly used), and 1 Lite-on brand disc (lightly used). All come in jewel cases. The used disks have been erased and are in good, working condition.

$10 for all

Chrome Fan Screws - I have two extra sets of four.

$0.50 each set

Miscellaneous other screws and what-have-you (let me know what you want, and I'll look through my baggies)

$0.50 per set of four

3.5" to 5.25" Drive Adapter Brackets - One set with screws.


Silverstone Eudemon Thermal Controller Guts - This is the guts from the thermal controller from my Silverstone TJ05 case; it's the same ones found in their FP52 thermal controller. They work perfectly except that the LCD sometimes blanks out; fan control does not depend upon this function. The replacement cost $20; get the key functionality on the cheap.


Laptop Shipping Box - It's a box designed for shipping laptops.


The Sims Hot Date Expansion Pack - The disk has been used, maybe, twice. Comes in the original, hard-to-find "maxi" sized box.


Rio 600 32MB MP3 Player - It's been consmetically roughed up, but is in good, working condition. Includes the necessary USB cable.


Thermalright Thermal Goop -- Full syringe; never used


Generic 7' Two-line Phone Wire - New, sealed in package.


Excelsus Two-line Adapter, A-2L


Generic Stereo 1/4" Plug to 3.5mm Stereo Jack Adapter - In good working condition


Free Stuff

Intel 724746-004 Anypoint PCI Phoneline Home Network Card - Untested

Taurus Paperweight that Newegg inexplicably sent


I'm interested in:

ATA DVD burners (must be fully working!)

DVD+/-DL media

PC2700 or better SODIMM, 512MB or greater

Nintendo DS



Gigabit ethernet switch or router

Opteron HE 246 or higher (pair)

or anything else that I might want, but don't know it

If you don't like the prices that I've listed or have a possible trade, I am open to reasonable offers.

If you have a question or offer, please e-mail me at

Payment via postal money order, check, or the ol' green stuff; other methods by arrangement. I do not accept PayPal; do not ask.

All prices plus shipping unless otherwise noted.

I will ship to Canada and other international destinations. I will do local pick-up with prior arrangement.

My Heatware.

Thank you for your interest!

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