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Movin Array to New Controller

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Is it possible to move a RAID0 array from one controller to another that is of a different make and model?

I got two RAID0 arrays and on one I had one partition and it's not active and I don't know how to get the data back :(

On the other I have two partitions, and I found the partitions when I installed Windows, so I formated the one for Windows, and when I entered Windows, the other partition is not available just like the big on on my other array.

Is there a way for me to fix this so the data isn't lost?

I can't go back to the old motherboard to get the data out cause it's dead and I know nobody with the same board :/

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I found the program RAID Reconstructor by Runtime Software. It can check the drives that used to be in a RAID array together, so I have to connect them without RAID, cause I have to select two or more drives individually and then it will inspect them and figure out what settings they were connected with and then it can write out the data it finds to another drive.

Too bad I already formated the XP partition on one of the arrays, but I still have the other partition untouched. Just curious if it can figure out anything there since it's to partitions on that array from two different arrays now.

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