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ZFS testing update

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An update on the ZFS testing.

The latest system that I am testing on is with the following hardware specification:

2x AMD Opteron 2210 (1.8 GHz)

Tyan S3970

4x Kingston DDR2-667 1GB

Chenbro RM414

Supermicro pws-0056

Adaptec 21610 (currently not connected)

Hitachi 250 GB 7.2krpm SATA (OS drive)

16x Hitachi 500GB 7.2krpm SATA-II

Sapphire ATi Radeon 9250 PCI

The OS finished installing late last night after running into problems with a suspected failed or faulty IDE connector on the board. Ended up having to set up one of my other systems as a PXE boot server in order to get the install to go.

But the preliminary results with 3 of the 16 drives, and DDR2-667:

raid0 write: 120 MB/s

raidz write: 78 MB/s

(The controller card isn't plugged in right now because HSF is too big and is pushing against the card. New, smaller HSFs are on order already.)

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