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Freevo and MythTV photo shots of images?

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I'm considering making my own PVR but first I wanted to see your high quality photo shots of images on Freevo/MythTV recorded stuff from NTSC, 480, 500lines and 720 so on and lightly processed so not to distort the pics or pixelate it.

I'm still on the fence because of poor quality screen shots that I could find online.

If I can't tell if it was live or recorded then that's a big bonus. If I can see pixelations and distortations like I see all HDTV sets upconverted from NTSC/video/s-video. That will turn me off. :(

Currently all HDTV ready sets (16:9) is 2H and 2.14H horizontal frequency (15.7KHz times (n)H) this means 31.4KHz and 33.6KHz horizontal frequencies this forces makers to use low quality upconverter chipset to upconvert non-HD video signals (NSTC, 720 etc). I'm very allergic to that quality loss, it is like watching on "Yourtube" videos TERRIBLE! In native HDTV resolution (1080) is AWESOME but AGAIN, the quality of NTSC is pretty GOOD in 500 lines like Dr. Who episodes in 1980's.

Top of the line upconverter boxes is $1500 and up range.

This is major reason I have NOT YET ditched all CRTs with NTSC tuners. And I wanted to know how good these Freevo & MythTV fare with digitalizing the analog signals in quality-wise.


Cheers, Wizard

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