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I do alot of recording and video editing. My current System is 3.4Ghz P4, ASUS p5dw2, 2 GB PC2-6400 Corsair, and 2 Samsung 250GB SATA 3g Drives. I'm thinking of upgrading to a E6700 Gigabit MOBO, 4 GB PC2-8000 Corsiar TWINX, and I'm unsure of the Hard drives.

The ones I'm thinking for the new configuration, would be, a 74GB Raptor for my system drive, and my DATA drive for the audio and video are my dilema. Which would be the best for video editing? Which would be the best compromise for keeping the noise relativly low for recording external noise?

3 Raptor X's 150 GB in RAID 5 for video AND a Baracuda 320 for audio OR

3 Barracuda 320 GB in RAID 5 for video AND a Baracuda 320 for audio OR

1 Raptor X 150GB for video, AND 1 Barracuda 320 GB for audio.

With any of the configs would I need any special kind of cooling? At bare minumum I will have 2 raptors plus another drive. Should I go SCSI for the Video drive? With my remaining parts I'm going to build a rackmount system, to take on the road with me for touring.

So Many options, (money is some what of a factor I don't want to spend over 900 for all the drives)

Thanks, JOe K.

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Guest 888

* RAID5 may not be the best solution for video editing because of its relatively slow writing. RAID10 (minimum 4 drives) would be better in it if you want speed plus redundancy.

* There's not significant difference between Raptor 150 and Barracuda 320 if to use them for video editing (and whatever other big file action). Their STR speed is pretty similar and Raptor's faster seek-time isn't essential in big file scenario. So I would choose more cheaper Barracuda 320. It's also more quiet and has more capacity.

* There may be more advantage for video editing if you use separate drives for video source and video destination.

* Do you really want to set up a separate HDD for audio? I don't know what's your audio processing needs but if there's not high-multichannel work then it would live well also on the same disk(s) where's video. If you have a separate one HDD for audio, then do not forget the backup (if this HDD is used also for storing audio files).

* No way do not choose SCSI for video. This is a waste.

* About cooling - just ensure that there's some active airflow between the drives, that's enough. Nothing very special needed.

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maybe create a raid 0, just for temperary files and as temp workdisk, it will give you high speed and capacity. Maybe 2 set of Raid 0 and use one of them as source and another as destination. This will be VERY fast.

But again, raid 0 have not security at all.


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1) Get a mac. If you want to do video editing, you should use Final Cut Pro. Also have a real filesystem instead of NTFS. You need to defrag your PC almost every day + loose 10%+ in virus protection.

Real OSes don't have viruses, since they don't have root rights.

2) You need real, real fast drives to have uncompressed video. We are talking at least minimum 20 megabyte write/read. You need to keep the drives relative empty. When drives are more then 50% full, you start to see less performence.

4)A simple 4 drive 320gig seagate 7200.10 could be ok. Mirror + stripe.

You have then 300 gig+ for video editing. About for one movie. Render it. Put it out on HD-DVD (you can in DVDStudioPro) and start the next videoprojekt.

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