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Promise SX4-M and HDTach *56k = no*

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After finally moving my data files off my RAID array and onto my SLED, I had a PC and a RAID card to play around with.

System setup:

A64 3000+ (1.8GHz)

1 GB of RAM

Asus A8N-E

Promise SX4-M (64MB onboard cache, set to write-back)

Samsung SP1614C (SATA)

Maxtor disk - booting



nVidia driver 6.70

Promise driver

I ran a bunch of HDTach tests to see how my controller would hold up. It's in a regular PCI slot, no 64bit or 66MHz goodness. The results were partially straighforward, but some of them I cannot explain at all.

So let's get started. The title links lead to the HDTach results if you want to compare.

Maxtor Boot Drive


4 Disks in RAID-5


4 Disk RAID10


4 Disk RAID-0


3 Disk RAID-0


2-disk RAID-0


so far everything looks ok, doesn't it. Now for the weird part. I would appreciate some input on this:

2-Disk RAID-1


seeing that the CPU utilization was 'high' I re-ran it a little while later:


still a weird outcome, huh. so let's see what a single disk (promise calls it JBOD) does:


I have not tested the Samsung drives on the nvidia controller, but I think something is fishy. It surely cannot be that my drives are so crappy, can it?

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