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OT: Dell sales rep

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I'm not sure if something can actually be off topic in the off topic area but... :)

I'm wondering if anyone here has a good relationship with Dell. The reason I ask is I have to purchase a new box before 6/30 or the research funds go bye-bye. I have two problems - first, the box I am looking at may have a scheduling issue before that and second, I want one of the Xeon 5100 series chips coming out on the 19th. From what I hear, I should be able to order them immediately, but I need a quote like yesterday to get the PO etc.

So, basically, I can't get past the standard Dell sales rep that uses the same configurator I see on line with only the current chips. Does anyone have someone I could discuss the situation with? Just drop me a PM.

Thanks for any assistance - I appreciate it!


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