Seagate 7200.10 Review

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Greetings, SRrs. I just received my order from buy.com:

7200.10 320GB S/N 3QF

Firmware: 3.AAE

Date Code 07211

Product of Singapore

Motor (Glue?): Pink/Violet with sticker

I noticed that no one has posted a 3AAE firmware yet. For reference, I have a 200GB 7200.7 PATA as well as a Samsung 160GB SATA (SP1614C).

I'm building a new system, so I'll hope to get a review of the drive acoustics in for you guys in the near future when I complete my system.

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Guest 888
Well, wouldn’t you know it, on further googling there are some hits for 8MB versions:

ST3250811AS ST3250812AS

Wow, nice findings! Although very rare and limited results, only a couple of China and HongKong links mostly.

But I still have a speculation (just came into my head) - If these model labelings are really correct they may be the first signs of soon-to-be 1TB Seagate drives... which are probably based on 4 x 250GB platters, so these 250GB models are just the first installations of these new platters (one-platter drive versions)???

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I just looked and the ones we have are ST3250811AS 8mb versions :) I maintain these are 1.5 platter drives, this also keeps inline with the 400gb 2.5 platter drive spec.

Although for some strange reason we just received a box of 250gb 7200.9's which is quite strange because from the same supplier we have had about 4 or 5 boxes of 250gb 7200.10's.

We have also just seen a large price drop this week on the 400gb 7200.10 drives, from NZ$230 to $195 in a week!

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