Plextor PX-760A incompatible with other CD/DVD drives?

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My Dell XPS Gen 5 desktop (with Intel 955X Express chipset) came with a Sony DVD-ROM (master) and Philips DVD+/-RW (slave) connected to the single IDE port.

I bought the new Plextor PX-760A double layer ATAPI DVD writer, but it doesn't seem to work with either the Sony or the Philips drive.

With the Plextor as master, neither the Sony nor Philips (as slave) shows up in the BIOS or Windows. Conversely, if the Sony or Philips is set as the master, the Plextor (as slave) does not show up. Using Cable Select with the Plextor also doesn't work, as the other CS drive (Sony or Philips) doesn't show up.

Yet, the Sony and Philips drives work fine together (in either master/slave combination, or using Cable Select).

Has anyone had this kind of problem? I wanted to find out if the problem is with the Plextor drive or the Dell PC.

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