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1.36 PB storage from Fujitsu

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Guest 888

Some sweet news for you, storage freaks ;)

Fujitsu ETERNUS8000 model 2100

- 1.36PB (PetaByte) capacity (@500GB 7200rpm NearLine FC drives)

- 16 x 3.6GHz CPU's

- 8 controllers

- 256GB RAM

- 128 I/O connection channels

- RAID6 multiple arrays with common hot spares

- 2760 HDDs (max)

- 83kW power consumption

- 305 MJ/hour heat dissipation

- 11 tons weight

Note: The maximum advertised capacity (decimal) is calculated just by using 500GB NearLine SATA drives (probably Seagate NL35.2 7200rpm), including all RAID6 parity space, hot-spare space plus even system disks space! The maximum real (binary) usable space is 1069 TiB which is still just just over 1PiB landmark, so this is really a PebiByte-Storage!


PS! Here's listed are very good schematic diagrams about how the data is organized, backed up, hot-spared, etc. inside such a big baby:

Useful to learn...

Disclaimer: This posting is not an advertisement or marketing, just a top technology example only

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Finally, something to hold all my photos and scans.

Do they take American Express? :rolleyes:

More to the point, may I use your American Express? :lol:


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Hell... can I even charge this on American Express? IIRC the competition around 1PB is already $4million...

Think of the frequent flyer miles...!


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