Win2000 and UDF CDs

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Hi to every reader.

I use "DirectCD 5.0" packet writing software. It is installed on my secondary machine, where my CD writer is also installed. OS is Windows NT4. I format a CD, write some data onto it, and eject it with "UDF 1.5" seal.

That means that such a CD is writable by any PC which also has DirectCD (and CD writer) installed. It is also READABLE by any PC which has an UDF 1.5 reader installed. If a PC does not have it, then when such a CD is inserted, that machine will only see one two files on it: autorun.inf and UDF installer file. The installer willl start automatically and offer UDF to be installed. After it is installed, that PC will properly read UDF discs. - -This is a rough quote of what DirectCD says.

If I remember correctly, only Windows 95 and Windows NT do not support UDF at all. They need such a reader to be installed first. Win98(SE) supports UDF, but I am not sure does it support v1.5. WinMe, Win2000 and WinXP should natively support all UDFs.

Is this correct?

This is the problem which I have:

I have made two such CDs, and I have tried them on my primary PC which has only a DVD-ROM drive. Win98SE and Win2000 (SP4+) are installed in dual mode. Win98SE reads all discs with no problems (it seems that I have installed Adaptec UDF reader sometime in the past), but in Win2000 I can only see one file: "Non-Allocable Disk" of zero bytes in size. The label of CD is correct though. When I enter CD's properties, it says that it is an UDF CD, 576MB capacity with zero bytes free. What is the problem??

I have also tried these CDs on another PC with Win95 OSR2. At first it only saw the embedded UDF installer, but after I installed it, I could access UDF as promised.

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98/ME only support read-only UDF up to 1.02, 2k to 1.5 (with the caveat below) and XP to 2.0.

While Windows 2000 claims to be able to read UDF 1.5, it cannot read UDF 1.5 discs with Sparing Table or VAT structure. Installing a newer UDF reader will fix the problem: http://www.download.com/Adaptec-UDF-Reader..._4-9497911.html


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Well this is something. Where have you got this information from?

I am a bit confused. You gave me two links. One is a direct link to download Adaptec's UDF reader, and another is a link of Roxio's UDF reader's documentation.

Is Adaptec = Roxio in this case? If not, which one to use? Which is better (more "worldwide standard")?

BTW, since there is no link to download Roxio's UDF reader on the page you provided, I have searched their site and have fount this:


This is the version 7.1. Note that the newest version mentioned on the page you linked is 5.01. It also seems that this new version does not cover 95 and NT, so I may discard it as potential solution.

Note that I have still not found a link to download Roxio UDF reader 5.01. Maybe I should not if Adaptec's one is the best?

I am waiting for your opinions about this. I will also perform some testings about this tommorrow.

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