Seagate 7200.9 users look here

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It's definitely looking like the 7200.9 160GB/platter drives are very fast, I do agree there's some pretty loud noises when randomly seeking. This seems to be a natural consequence of the 7200.9 trying to seek quickly without noise concerns. Seagate basically lied bout the amount of noise methinks. But I'll take it as the drive is pretty quiet doing sequential seeks or idling.

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Oh how I would like if the drive manufacturers are implementing a seethrough seal on that small (for factory-preformating) hole at the side of the drives (remember in example the current all-black WD drives where there's the little silver round-egded seal-sticker with some text printed on it). If this seal would be seethrough.. then we can already at shop look at how many platters are there inside ;)

Many drives no longer have that hole. Take a look at current shipping hard drives, many ( like the 7200.9 ) use media which was written prior to being installed in the final drive.


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