Wide-to-Narrow SCSI adapters

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Hi to every reader.

I have read that there are two types of Wide-to-Narrow SCSI adapters (68 to 50pin, the unes used to connect a narrow device like CDROM to Wide SCSI chain). The first type is the one which does not terminate high byte, and the other type is the one which DOES terminate high byte of the 16-bit wide bus.

The first type is used to connect a narrow device in the middle of the wide chain.

The second type is used when someone wants to terminate a wide chain with narrow device, or more often, when someone wants to connect a completely narrow chain to Wide controller's Wide port.

Am I right about this?

Anyway, this is not my question.

The question is, how to physically differ these two types of adapters? I have found a few different ones in a friend's garage lying in a tin can. I could make a good use of them, but I must first know is each of them completely pass-trough or does it has embedded high terminator. None of them has any label or meaningfull description on it.

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I have never heard of those two programs, but I will definitely check them.

Thank you for the information.

Are those programs general-purpose SCSI software, or are they related to some specific hardware (adaptec controllers only, perhaps)?

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SymTools sounds like Symbios, so any SCSI chips from NCR/Symbios/LSI should co-operate with it. Can't hurt to try it on other chips too.

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