Help! Optical drives acting up...

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Hello there.

Since you are a valuable source of technical insight, I turn to you.


ASUS P4P800-E DeLuxe MoBo

Seagate SATA-HDD

Plextor Premium CD-R (IDE)

Plextor PX-712A DVD-R (IDE)

Both Plextors are running on seperate IDE's, both being Master.

It has worked like this for a year or so.

Now, suddenly out of the blue, both Plextor's are acting up. When I put at CD in either of the drives, the drive starts to read - but the light on the other drive starts to flicker as well. As soon as the drive spins up, an the light on the other drive lights up, the drive (with the CD in it) spins down again. This happens over and over, and it doesn't matter, which drive I try - it's Vice Versa.

What the heck is suddenly going on?



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This looks remotely like it might be a power-related problem, or a chipset/IDE issue. Do the drives act up in the same way when you disconnect the IDE cables? How well does one work when the other is disconnected completely? What about leaving the IDE connected to both, but disconnecting power from one?

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