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Adding an external firewire drive to an existing SATA RAID5

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Hi there,

I've currently got a 4-drive RAID5 Linux software RAID5 setup, and am going to be adding an extra drive for capacity. I don't have any spare SATA ports, and need to get a hard drive with an external enclosure for a while. I was hoping to expand the array to a 5-drive RAID5 array with this drive (using EVMS).

Is this going to work OK, or am I just asking for trouble? How bad is the performance likely to get? Will I hit issues with the drive dropping in and out of the array for example? Is firewire a better choice than USB2 (I'll probably get an enclosure with both, and my motherboard has both)?

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Guest 888

Yes, it's a bad idea... The overall performance will be defined by the external enclosure's speed then. Plus very probably there would happen reliability problems, causing that external drive to drop off the array (you know, separate power supplies, external cable connection, etc.)

Better buy an internal PCI/SATA card...

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