T7K250 vs p120 250GB SATA-II

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I'd asked it at the roundup discussion but didn't get much response to it, maybe here it is a better place...

I saw that the T7k250 take the game performance by 90 I/O per second.

Since I want silence as well I wanted to know what is the real implication of that during a game.

Additional differences I have noticed was regarding the office test were P120 leads by 45 I/O per second

and of-course the P120 relatively silent.

This make the only drawback for me to choose P120 is the game performances.

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Hitachi makes three times more noise than Samsung. Samsung is better at the high-end and Hitachi better at games.

Do you really think you notice the difference when playing a game? Only load times are affected.

I had the same doubts as you. My opinion is:

- Samsung is about €15 cheaper

- load times are only important once in a while, noise is always important.

You say: "real implication (...) during a game" there's no such thing a implication during a game, unless waiting for a level to load you call "during a game".

BTW Do you really think you notice if something takes 34.3 or 34.9 seconds?

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You're saying the only difference is a few Milliseconds at load time, while the p120 is definitely quieter , then it is an obvious decision...

I don't thinks it was the right thing to crown the T7K250 as the performance in that situation. Thought we were talking more like a few seconds.

There's another issue I need to inquire before purchasing, and that is regarding to web design and related graphics & multimedia softwares.

How will the performance differences be like here?


I was thinking of some mods shown here and on SPCR but I will probably open a topic on it later on.

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Thanks patrick_!!! :)

Since the P120 is much quieter and since the only game performance are of a few millisecond while on the other benchs there's no significant gaps, I'll go for the P120.

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Has anyone tested those disk under linux ?? I'm interested in a bit different test conditions than those made up by tests here in SR. The t7k250 has lower access times, but it has lower performance under io-meter (file server type load). It is not hard with todays parallel init systems to get some really queue depths, so I think the P120 would be faster here. On the other hand I do a lot of emerge (Gentoo you know, at times 2-3 compilations in parallel). What do you think, which drive would be faster ??

The P120 is quieter, but the t7k250 has this nice low-rpm mode (does it ?? the 7k250 has it) for really low power consumption. Note that my system is for about 60% at idle ( when I'm reading not compiling ). I also do alot of bzip2 decompression, and copy around the kernel tree ( lots of small files ), here the t7k250 would be faster, would it ??

Any suggestions ??

Thanks in advance,


Since my 80GB WD800JB is getting a bit full, I have to buy a new hd. I

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