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IDE Drive Rack

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So I'm looking for an IDE hard drive rack. Must be PATA not SATA.

An example, Vantec MRK-102FD-SL, I was looking at is here.

Currently I have an external enclosure with my backup drive in it (where I keep my backup images).

But configuring either external usb or firewire with a ghost boot cd is proving painful and then I don't even know if it'll support writing to ntfs.

Also I want to be able to take somebody else's drive and just plug it in the front of my machine without having to take the machine apart.

So I'm looking for a good hdd rack or cage or whatever you call it.

I'm concerned about

1) airflow as backups take a while and the drive is pretty much constantly in use during this time

2) not flimsy as I might be removing it daily

3) being able to have drive in but power to it and fans off

4) being able to take drive out and not having a huge empty hole for dust to enter

Also I'd like silver as my case is silver.

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I'm using the VP-10LSFU-133 which comes in silver.

For most of the time, the backup hard disk sits powered off in the rack but if I remove it, a cover for the hole flips up.

It has a single fan and that 7K250 runs 1°C cooler than the identical internal 7K250 but this was different prior to rearranging the case fan from front intake to rear exhaust.

The only problem has been the low quality fan but the latest rack I bought had a different one. I changed the fan in the first rack after it became noisy (at my own expence).


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The only HDD rack I've ever used was an old A4Tech plastic one (on my previous rig) which has two fans (front intake and back exhaust). Due to excessive plugging in and out, the cover hinge broke... thanks to plastic :lol:

Anyway, concerning the fans.. I changed those cheapskate sleeve bearing fans to the more powerful AVC ball bearing fans. Only gripe is the slightly higher fan noise and it gets dusty much more quickly. Of course the only pro is a cooler drive inside.. :P

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