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K8V Deluxe and non-raid SATA boot drive

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Actually, I just wanted to upgrade my machine by cloning the old hard disk (EIDE) to an SATA disk, and I just can't get it to work. Same everything else, nothing else changed on the machine. I cloned the disk no problems and it's booting fine. But it does the classic locking/rebooting that indicates there's some hardware/driver problem. Clearly it's upset that the drive type changed, but the real problem I suspect is that Windows is attempting to enable the drive by using the wrong controller (since it's SATA vs EIDE).

So I figured all I'd have to do is do the Windows Repair thing, and get it to re-determine the devices in the registery. Well, it works ok until the system reboots, after copying all the XP files to the destination disk. It boots, gives me the XP screen, looks like it's going to continue installing, and then an inquire box pops up saying it can't find files it needs and asks for the location of the files. It suggests something like , "GLOBALWORLD\DEVICES\CDROM01\I386" which is a directory on the Win install CD. So now it's lost it's mind about the CD-ROM drive? Why? I try installing a fresh version of Windows, and this doesn't happen, it's all fine. Why is it losing contact with my CD-ROM after boot?

So I assume it's the VIA drivers, because I have to load the VIA RAID VT6420 drivers to get Windows XP to recognise the SATA drive during install. It isn't causing XP to load the Raid drivers instead of the standard ATA drivers? I wouldn't see how that's possible. Has anyone had anything like this happen?

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