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Mp3 player with good record quality

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I have a MSI Megastick 256MB, which allows me to select the record rate for recordings (from the FM tuner or internal microphone/external microphone) between 8kHz up to 44kHz. I'm interested in using a MP3 player as a digital recording device using the internal built-in microphone the player. The MSI Megastick is a very good device for my needs, however they are not made anymore, which is the problem. I want to buy a similar device for my relative. Is there any alternative MP3 player (capacity between 256-1GB, preferably 256MB or 512MB) that allows me to choose the record rate for the recordings using the built-in microphone of the device? My goal is to use the MP3 as a dictating machine.

I now bought a Creative Muvo TX and it's record quality was absolutely terrible. The record rate is fixed and is I believe only 8kHz and 4bits or something. It's totally unusable, when recording a speech from only 0,5 meters it's all garbage.

Any good experiences from a MP3 player that lets you select the record rate and preferably has a decent built-in microphone, like the MSI Megastick 256? Any help greatly appreciated! I don't need any FM tuner etc. features, I just need the device for recording speeches in good/decent quality (at least 22-44 kHz mono).

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