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quietest 500gb HD?

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..... I'm trying to use the quietest drive possible for strickly back-up purposes [performance doesn't matter .....

? :)

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I don't think there are currently any 5400 RPM 500 GB drives, but SR's measurements list the Hitachi Deskstar 7K500 as the quietest 500 GB drive.

If you're only going to use it for backups, perhaps an external or removable drive would be best, since it would be off most of the time. As a bonus, you'd be less likely to lose your backup in case of fire, theft or virus.

If you need to have it permanently connected, you may want to check for hard drive noise reduction techniques. They also do more accurate HD noise measurements than SR, but on fewer drive models. They reviewed the 7K400 for noise here.

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300GB MaXLine II is still available through some retailers. It's 5400rpm.

MaXLine II: 5400rpm. 250GB (? platters), 300GB (4 platters).

MaXLine II+: 7200rpm. 250GB (3 platters).

MaXLine III: 7200rpm. 250GB (3 platters), 300GB (3 platters).


Notice: MaXLine II has ball bearings. While new MaXLine IIs run very silently (at least that's my personal experience as I've owned two first generation OneTouch 300GBs), they might be noisy as the bearings start wearing out.

My current OneTouch is powered off most of the time, and I've had it only for ... half a year maybe. It hasn't started to whine yet.

The previous OneTouch died before it started whining. Symptoms: started running hotter than it run previously, bad sectors, delayed write failed, etc. Didn't make any scraching sounds though, just some occasional head reset clicking. It was about a year old when I returned it for replacement. Normally these MaXLine IIs are very quiet, cool running and they don't vibrate much.

I hope the replacement survives longer. And I hope it's not refurbished. It's possible they use only new drives when they repair/replace OneTouches. When replacing bare drives that is probably not the case.

MaXLine II+/DM9 (= the drive used in 250GB first gen OneTouches) is quite oppisite to MaXLine II. They run pretty damn hot and vibrate a lot.

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