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Which drive for a media desktop?

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Hello. Which drives would be recommended for a PC that will be used most for playing video and games. I have been thinking about getting the 74GB Raptor for game playing and an additional IDE drive for storage, such as the 300Gig WD JB drives, but noticed the WD4000KD/YR and WD2500KS drives *seemed* to be good performers with a good price. How much of a performance edge does the Raptor have to justify it over the over drives, like the KD/YR, that have a much higher capacity? I supposed I may have better performance with a Raptor and another drive when transferring between them large files, as opposed to a single large unit. And less of a problem if a drive fails.

Thanks for reading.

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Guest 888
I see on another forum someone said the RE drives run hot and are noisy, and to use them for servers instead. Hmm.


Yes, WD4000 series are much more hotter and noisier than WD3200 series.

But this is not RE vs. SE thing.

RE series WD3200 is also very silent and cold.

SE series WD4000 is also noisier and hotter.

Hitachi 400/500 are also noisier and hot.

Seagate 7200.8 is slow and hot and has extremely high startup current (2,4A)

So, I would prefer fast-cold-silent WD3200 for media desktop today. Is it from SE or RE series it is depending already on RAID thingie...

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