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Building a Linux Storage Server

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I am planning on Building a Linux Storage Server similar to this article.

I am looking at this general spec so far

Processor – Intel or AMD Athlon

Motherboard – Intel or Nvidia chipset ASUS

512MB RAM - Corsair

250GB – Hitachi Deskstar T7K250 SATA II (System Drive for Operating System)

3 x 250GB – Hitachi Deskstar T7K250 SATA II (500GB Storage in RAID5)

Use Software RAID and separate controllers for the data drives

Use Extra onboard SATA II controller or add SATA II PCIe Card

Onboard Video card

Onboard Gigabit LAN

No Sound card

Maybe even wait for 500GB drives to drop in price and get 1TB storage.

Any comments ?

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I like my boot drive raided. Keep in mind that SW raid 5 volumes are not bootable.

I'd set it up like this:


sda, sdb, sdc, sdd

Partition all the drives the same:

sdx1: 512mb, sdx2: remainder of the drive.

Set up the RAIDs like this.

md0: /boot - RAID 1 using sda1, sdb1 (512mb in size)

md1: swap - RAID 1 using sdc1, sdc2 (512mb in size)

md2: / - RAID 5 using sda1, sdb1, sdc1, sdd1

I would use the Fedora emergency disc to set up and format the arrays. FC4, when using ext3, uses the defaults, meaning no stride and a 5% reservation for the superuser.

Terms to google: "Linux raid stride", "ext3 superuser", and "mdadm" ... you'll understand the importance! :) These concepts are worth understanding whether you go with your setup or my recommendation.

As far as hardware goes, don't spend a ton on CPU or motherboard for just 4 drives. Also, VIA chipsets are well supported and stable in Linux.

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What I don’t like about Linux software raid is it doesn’t support true hot-swapping. Have you considered a FastTrack with “Hardware-Assisted RAID 5 Architecture†? I suppose Linux SW raid will be faster though. I fiddled with Linux raid a while back. I was very impressed. I especially like the fact that you can boot off a Raid-1 mirror. It is very easy to setup and robust.

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