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Hi Guys (and gals),

My Logitech keyboard is on the way out after a good 4 years of solid service. So I'm in the market for a new keyboard, however one thing that I'm interested in is one of the natural (or spilt) keyboards.

The problem is, the choices are between M$ and Logitech. (But I do acknowledge that they do make good keyboards). The problem, is that &^%&^S% function key that toggles the function keys (F1 -> F12) into the other modes. Since I spend most of my time in *nix, that function is useless for me, and annoys the crap out of me since I have to remember to toggle it on boot up...

So does anyone know of a keyboard that:

1. Is USB,

2. Natural or split style,

3. Light touch (or low travel on the keys),

4. Doesn't come with that annoying Function (F) key,

5. Works with Linux.

6. Will last another 3-4 years.

Any thoughts or recommendations would be appreciated...

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Well, except for #2, the Logitech G15 would fit the bill. Separate function keys that are standalone fully macro programmable, and backlit keycap letters even. Microsoft keyboards seem to degrade slowly over time until they require keypresses to be directly in the middle of the button.

Most of my computers have 20 year old Model M keyboards. Those were built at a time when keyboards sold for $400 and they work nearly forever:

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Why is USB a requirement?


Not really a requirement, but a nice to have. (I've actually haven't compiled in the i8042 keyboard driver into my linux kernel, so would require a recompile to enable the PS/2 ports).

Yah, the model M keyboards certainly have an excellent rep...

I'll just head down to the local stores and have a look and touch on the weekend... And thanks for the suggestions...

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I like this one the most, it fits all your needs - the legendary Cherry G80-3000 :P

Available with soft, linear or klicky (IBM-like) pressure point and several different additional features and layouts. It's very very robust, will almost last for ever :D

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