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Barracuda IV and XP Pro...

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I just replaced my IBM 34GXP 20.5 gig HD with a Seagate Baracuda IV 80 gig drive. After entering my password at the Welcome screen the behavior with the Seagate drive is different than with the old IBM drive.

With the IBM the desktop would appear almost immediately, but then all the little software programs would load and appear in the taskbar... and the background picture would load and eventually everything would be up and running.

With the Seagate I sit at the Welcome screen with an hour glass... and then all of a sudden the desktop appears with everything in place and up and running. It just pops up all at once and is fully functional.

Could this be due to different caching schemes between the two drives? I don't see this as a problem... just something different, and I wonder why.

So far I really like the Barracuda IV. The drive is virtually silent for all practical purposes. I did try using the IBM feature tool to disable AAM and after that it was significantly noisier during seeks and I'm not sure I could tell if it ran any faster... so I went back and set AAM to a middle number of 191 for now.


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Looks like a timing issue. Some system components (i.e. services, drivers...) are now loaded earlier / later than before.

Windows (since 9x) has always had lots of problems with timing, especially at startup and shutdown. It's fine as long as everything is running stable and only your desktop symbols appear late... but is has caused real issues. For example, NAV sporadically hanging the system on boot, because some Symantec driver was sometimes loaded too late, the shutdown process just hanging (very common under Win9x, less with NT) or (perhaps the most famous) the system powering down too early, trashing the contents of the write cache.

A more controlled way of loading and unloading components really couldn't hurt... look at Linux.

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