My HD (I think) is making some weird HF noises...

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Hello everyone. I've been trying to solve this problem for a few weeks now. I just recently built a new system w/ Athlon 64 2800+ and a Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 200GB ATA/100 8mb cache internal HD. The problem is, I keep hearing these high frequency (HF) sounds in which it ONLY happens when it is triggered. It almost makes me think it's a seeking sound (which is probably). This sound is most likely coming from my HD because my DVD-RW/floppy/internal case speaker is all fine.

The sounds are like seeking sounds in which they sound like high frequency and a whiny pitch. They last for less than 1 seconds. They are triggered when I:

-scrolling through different parts of a movie

-loading in games

-go backward/forward/up/down using IE (ONLY WITH THE MOUSE)

The strange thing is... it happens alot when I'm using IE. As you can see, this sound gets annoying very fast. I wish I could dampen it. Another thing to note is that when I press forward/backward or scroll up/down using my mouse, I hear the sound. It happens right after I do it almost making me think it's some sort of seeking beep/click, but not exactly a beep nor a click. However, when I use my KEYBOARD to forward/back/scroll up/down, it doesn't have the sound anymore. Strange, huh? At first I thought it was my mouse/speaker electronical interference, but I used different mouses and I unplugged my speakers, and it's definately coming from INSIDE the computer case. I tried defragging the HD, that seemed to only reduce the sound maybe like 5-10%, or maybe it was just my ear... I dunno.

But, anyways... I have another two of the EXACT same HDs on different systems in which they don't have any sound at all... although my HD isn't defective. SMART reads fine, and it's brand new. I have the latest drivers/bios. But I don't know what the problem is...

Could it also possibly be that my HD IDE cable is folded? I wanted to maximize air flow and efficiency, but so I made creases and folded certain parts of my cable... perhaps maybe I folded it too hard, could have damaged it causing this sound? Because my other two systems, I never folded it, and did not have this minor annoyance..

-or something else? I really don't know what to do anymore.

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Most likely, the problem is with your power supply - when the load current on the PS changes, a coil vibrates (because the magnetic field changes) and causes the noise.

In most cases it's not really an issue, the PS will continue to work fine. You can try to locate the offending coil and secure it with hot-melt adhesive. But don't attempt this yourself if you've never done it before.

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Hmmm... I have one computer that really squeals when there's any network activity present. I've located the source of the squeal to be the power supply. It's an old computer, with NT installed.

My newest computer has some interference/current draw "problems" as well. Using 12GN Travelstar in a USB enclosure, in USB powered mode (I don't have, nor do I want to use a external power supply) causes some weird sounds from the speakers. Especially if I write something to the drive. I haven't analyzed the "problem" yet. It's unlikely that the laptop drive would interfere with the speakers directly as moving the drive closer doesn't really cause the noise to applify. The orientation of the drive does though relate to the noise level.

I guess I should go through following steps:

- transfer all important data out of the drive.

- perform some write operation on it.

- move the drive until I get the most interference.

Then do some of the following:

- unplug and plug in again the cable from speakers to the sound card audio-out port.

- adjust the volume potentiometer of the speaker/amplifier.

- remove the power from the speakers.

Most likely the interference is cause but the current draw from USB port(s). (The amount of interference seem to be the same if I use a normal point-to-point USB cable or a Y-cable which connects the drive logically to one port but draws the current from two ports. The drive, being only 4200rpm, spins up successfully with using only one port.)

This was a bit off-topic (sorry) but I thought it wasn't worth creating a new thread.

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Well after reading your advice, I decided to again to listen up closely to where it's actually coming from.

I think upon further investigation and listening to the computer, I actually think it might be coming from somewhere else. Because my computer is in a tight place, I am unable to actually pull it out (until later) and determine where the sound is coming from. But I just placed it up to my ears, and it SEEMS to be coming from the BACK side of the computer... not sure if it's high or low, but I'm guessing lower side near the slots/mobo maybe... That could be me though, I haven't taken apart my computer out yet because it's kinda packed and full of crap atm. :/

I just find it weird that it could be my PSU (or something else). My PSU is brand new and it is an Antec SmartPower 2.0 SP450W, but I guess it could be bad coils (?) or something....

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