external usb 2.0 2.5" hdd enclosure power problems

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i went through a gigantic song and dance with a set of 2.5" drives and enclosures. i got a macally enc. and a samsung drive for a coworker. works great with 1 usb 2.0 cable. i had worse luck with the same drive and enc., needing 2 cables to actually power up the unit (if i used just 1 cable it would not spin up and just make clicking sounds). i tried putting the drive in his enc., and sure enough it worked with 1 cable.

i ended up with a bytecc hotdrive, which worked fine with 1 usb cable, so all was well. i picked up a couple usb2 mini-b cables and kept one at home, one at work so that i wouldn't have to screw around with recabling if i popped between the two. i haven't used the drive in a while, but when i tried today yet again 1 cable failed me, had to use the supplied double-port cable.

any suggestions on solving the problem with what i've got, a new drive, or a new enclosure? it appears that it's only missing the juice to spin up, once it's there it seems to run fine if i pull 1 cable.

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