Need low to mid budget Ultra320 RAID card.

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What kind of RAID do you need to do?

LSI Logic MegaRAID320-2X and its brethen are a pretty good value.


Can you be more specific on your budget

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I want to spend a max of $500 for a card.


Any of the LSI U320 Single channel RAID cards (eg MegaRAID 320-1) can be found easily for around $280. (LSI Logic website)

The LSI MegaRAID 320-2 retails for around $550 (is dual channel, and has user-expandable RAM).

The Adaptec 2130S can be found for around $400 (single channel, fixed RAM size), but requires a PCI-X or 3.3v PCI slot only. The Adaptec 2230S is a dual channel version, and goes for around $600.

If you only need a single channel, and don't need expandable RAM, my advice is to get the LSI MegaRAID 320-1...

Another option is to hit eBay, and look for some of the OEM versions of these cards, in particular Dell, HP or Intel variants. However be careful, as some of the OEM cards only work with system boards from those OEMS. (Some of the Dell PERC cards are known for this).

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