SCSI RAID causes system to startup forever...

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we bought a RAID system with 8 400GB SATA drives on a SCSI bus. because the total size is bigger than 2TB we had to partition it to 2 equal size partition.

the problem is that sometimes the server, running Windows Server 2003, wouldnt start up at all with the RAID attached to it.

what i found to make it start up finally was the following procedure:

shut down the server, disconnect the SCSI cable from the server and start it up - the server starts up fine;

then shut it down, connect the SCSI cable again and boot it - only after this it would start up.

if i simply reboot it now - it would never start up - it goes as far as that screen saying "Windows Server 2003" and that little thing running left-right under it, then the screen goes black and that is it.

any ideas what exactly causes it?

we are using an Adaptec SCSI HBA Card 29320A,

and OS is Windows Server 2003 SP1.

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I don't know how you're connecting your 8 400GB SATA drives to a SCSI bus, but since these are fundamentally incompatible interfaces, I suspect that might be a big part of your difficulty. I assume you have left some key detail out of the description you provided, some kind of interposer that provides SATA to SCSI (though I have never heard of such a thing).

If you start the system in Safe Mode, it will list each individual driver as that driver is loaded. The last driver listed before the screen goes black is the one that's causing your problems.

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well, it is a product from its description can be found at

as far as i understand, the server sees it as a SCSI device even thoughit consists of SATA drives.

what i dont understand at all is why sometimes it boots up fine and at other times it doesnt boot at all :(


Your very sure its not a PSU related issue where the drives are perhaps not getting spun up in time?


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during the server restart or shutdown, the RAID enclosure is always powered up,

so it shouldnt be a problem.

besides, i dont boot from it, i boot from a local hard drive, if that matters...

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