How to keep an IDE disc in sleep mode?

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I have following problem with my new WinXP installation:

I have two rarely used HDs that are supposed to be in sleep mode all day until they are (rarely) used.

They are mounted relatively deep in the filesystem to prevent accidential clicks in the explorer (like g:\archive\hd1).

But it isnt working. Something causes them to spin up after a hour or two. I already disabled the indexing service and the systm recovery service for those drives, havent any software installed on them, have deactivated the recent file lists and used an NTFS tracer to capture accesses to that path.

No results. It still happens, and file monitor shows no access on that path.

It happens while using other programs, and it happens when the desktop is idle (with screensaver), so its not coupled to some program.

Its most likely not a trojan/spyware, because the system is only a week old and everything was checked rather well.

It cant be the bios/hds because under the old installation it worked (win2k)...

Has anybody any idea what part of winxp could keep pinging those discs and spin them up every few hours?

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Ok, after reading a bit it the knowledge base, i made myself a diskpart script that would remove any mountings of the disk into the the filesystem.

But 20 minutes or so after powering down, they restarted, although they werent mounted anywhere, neither as a drive letter nor at a directory.

(diskpart and the management wizard were of course closed).

Anybody ANY idea what could cause that behaviour?

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Windows XP has a feature to optimize harddrives when the computer is idle (it optimizes the layout of files and folders on the drive). This feature is turned on by default. Maybe that's what makes your disks spin up even when you're not accessing them. As far as I recall, TweakUI and/or X-setup let you turn the feature off.

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If you stop using task scheduler in XP the prefetch and defrag optimizer will not load with windows.


Thank you.

I didnt remember there was that file-order optimisation for defrag, this could be the one difference between 2000 and xp that causes it. Ill try it out at one.

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