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Speed Disk for servers - wehre to buy?

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When I tried to install Norton SpeedDisk at win2k server, it refused, said it's not for servers.

I heard there also was a version of it for servers, and searching the web, I can find it - however only licenses. Symantec site has no mention of this product.

Does anyone know, have Symantec discontinued Speed Disk? that would be pretty sad, considering that nearly all other defraggers are using Windows API, which, as I understand, makes them nearly scams by definition - see this article for details.


Vadim Rapp

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Quit spreading that crap, Vadim. Go back and read the article. It says no such thing:

Here's the exact quote:

"... defragmentators are just harmful at one-time application. If you launched it even one time, you would need to launch it then at least once a month to be saved from new files fragmentation."

His English is a little rough around the edges, but careful reading pays off.

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