drive corruption-no boot:chkdsk/PerfectDisk/image

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Hitachi RAID 0 needed replacing as one drive gave bad SMART messages.

- got new drives

- built array 32k stripe raid 0

- partitioned C /D 32k cluster (C partition was larger than previous setup however)

- used BootIT NG to copy my image to C partition (image was verified byte for byte)

- noticed I had 5gb free space (as I made new C partition a bit larger this time) so I resized C partition in BootIT NG

- chkdsk C: /f /r

- PerfectDisk & smart placement defrag and offline defrag

Everything was pretty much ok but have strange occurrences.

1. an ATTO benchmark would shut my rig down cold on any drive. I re-imaged my rig and ran some defrag and was able to do drive testing after that

2. yesterday on boot, chkdsk wanted to do its work and after that I get

windows cannot start as the following file is missing or corrupt


after wasting too much time trying to fix (copy registry values etc) I just re-imaged. This has happened before I recall, mainly after aggressive offline defrag with PerfectDisk and chkdsk runs back to back etc.

I can’t figure out if I am getting corruption on my array, the imagine is bad, my resize was destructive or IF by letting PerfectDisk manage the boot files it is competing with chkdsk (and Windows Bootviz) which defrags boot files every so often.

very puzzled- oh YES, BTW I’m in the middle of a huge project WAAY overdue. I do have a tight backup solution however.

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