Apple mini, what HDD inside?

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Isn't it odd that this system that they are using to compete in terms of cost is using a 2.5" drive, which is MUCH more expensive per GB (and per unit of performance) than a conventional 3.5" drive? I wonder why they didn't just make the system a little bit larger.


1. Less heat, (2,4W compared to ~9W or more)

2. Fewer user upgrade/mod options (need bigger drives -> get a "real" Mac or use FireWire)

3. Less noise - this is the computer which won't go under the table.



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Here are some inside views of a Mac mini...


Looks like they're using (among others, probably) Toshiba 2.5" drives.


Thanks for the link! I really like the design of the Mini, but uncertain of Benchmarks. It will feel slow, I guess.

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