74gb Rapto "Spin Down" Noise

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Just upgraded from a Seagate 7200.7 120gb to a 74gb Raptor. Moved 40gb of data I had been sharing off to a Buffalo Linkstation (which is also great) so the loss of space isn't an issue, I am only using 25gb on the WD.

LOVE the drive. AMAZING speed, MUCH improved over the Seagate. Actually, I like the noise it makes when it seeks. Call me weird, I like hearing the drive in action.

Anyway, the noise that does have me concerned is a sound like the drive spinning down (though I know it is not). Low pitched, short duration (about 2-3 seconds), starts loud and fades away. Sounds like a drive spinning down. Suspect it is normal, just want to check.

It's definitely not a clicking, it's a spinning type sound.

Any help is appreciated!



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Now here is something to test for the spindown thingy. If the drive makes that sound or noise (the one that you say sounds like spindown), then at the instant, does the computer hesitate as the drive picks up speed again. Yeah know when a drive has power management enabled, it slows down to like quiet state; then when you move the mouse, it makes tha spinup sound. Is that what you are hearing. Also, let me know about the results of the DLG software!!!...


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I have this problem on some Seagate disks, caused by spindle wobble according to Seagate. It's like what happens when your washing machine gets unbalanced, except in this case a disk goes slightly unbalanced and then comes back on othogonal to the rotation. It takes less than the distance from the head to the disk to cause this noise.

Or at least that's what Seagate told me. It's annoying, but I have three disks that do it and none of them have had any problems, and one's been in use for ten years since it developed the noise.

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